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Monday, November 30, 2009

Back From Thanksgiving

My Reflection in the PV Panels
I love the way the sun looks in the evenings around this time of year, so I took a lot of pictures today. It was nice to come back to such a relaxing place after spending 18 hours in a car (not my idea of a good time). So to catch up with the project, we spent a couple days before I left last week plastering the loft.
Here I am a couple of weeks ago installing the recessed lighting in the observatory roof. We then insulated the ceiling from below as we nailed the finished ceiling up.

The light was hitting the house just right this evening. I couldn't resist snapping a picture from this angle again.

Here is the finished plaster around one of the windows.

Here you can see the smooth texture of the finish plaster. It has such a soft, natural feeling.


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